Artistic Imaging Success


A Local Artist had over 75 Paintings in inventory, and wanted to put them on the web as much of her work sold in China, and she needed it completed in time for a show in Bejing, China.


We took digital photos of her paintings in her studio. We maintained high resolution and low resolution fles.  We posted low res images to the web site that we designed and hosted for her.  We also were able to create reprints on canvas for sale.


72 of her paintings  were imaged and posted to her new website in time for her show. Chinese customers were able to review her work and contact her via her new site.





Scanning and Imaging Services


Software is central to communications methodology.  We offer services which take advantage of three main areas: 

Digital Imaging:  We Can Scan from 1 x 1 negatives to 36’ x 120” in full color. Then we can Archive, convert to text, or touch up images.

Database Services:  We purchase lists, cleanup lists, and offer other database services, typically to facilitate 1 to 1 marketing programs, mailings and tracking programs.

Web Services:  Web Site Design and hosting, Email Systems.

We work to keep your communications focused, consistent and effective!!