Binding, Laminating, Finishing Success


A training company based in Texas, was conducting seminars at a client’s site. They needed 150 56 pp presentations printed and bound ready for the seminar the next day, at the seminar site along with 56 color printed and laminated summary sheets. 


We proceeded with a perfect bound presentations which was not only professional and attractive, but also more effcient because the binding process was faster than coil binding. We designed the cover and began printing the materials. 


The books were printed and bound same day, and delivered to the client site the next day.  After experiencing our service and expertise in presentation production, they began to use us for all of their seminars nationwide.

Cross the Finish Line!! 

Finishing is what makes your presentation truly spectacular.  Whether it a softcover book, mounted and laminated posters, die cut prints,  business cards or mailers, printing is not done until it is fnished.  We have a large range of inhouse fnishing options for quick turnaround and expert results for our customers.  Also, our experienced design and production teams work together to make sure your product choices are designed with economical production options in mind from the concept of your project.