Marketing System Drives Business!!


A local contractor working to sell a newly constructed house on the NJ Shore, needed to quickly re-focus his message on Rebuilding Services after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area in which his new construction was located.


We built on the communication programs we had in place and in three weeks we designed and delivered
 - a new Billboard Ad
 - a new Newspaper Ad
 - Updated website
 - new email program
 - a postcard mailer
 - flyer for a mailing


This updated, focused, multi-channel and timely campaign effectively raised awareness of this client’s services. Within 1 month of the campaign, the contractor received over 50 request for clean-up, renovation, knock-down and rebuild services.



Marketing Systems Drive Success!!

There are so many ways to get your message out: print, web, email, advertising, radio, direct mail, etc.  It’s almost impossible to choose! We take a consultative approach to our customer’s communication challenges.  We evaluate your current marketing efforts, define your target audiences, help you focus your message, identify effective methods for delivering your message, develop specific timing goals for your message, and supervise the execution of your marketing plan. We can save you money and effort through focused, targeted efforts consistently delivered.