Shipping, Mailing, Distribution Success!! 


A local Not-for-Profit needed invitations to its annual fundraising dinner, a mailer to its supporters, and an advertising journal designed and produced for their event.


We initiated the concept for their invitations and response cards, printed the invitations, printed and addressed the envelopes and mailed them. We also produced 400 copies of their 100+ page ad journal.


We saved them over $1000 by taking advantage of their not-for-proft indicia on their mailer, along with printing their addresses on their full color envelopes. The materials were produced on time and under budget.

Get the word out!

Making sure your message gets to your intended audience is part of our mission. Email, Direct Mail, Social Media, advertising and signage are all just means to the end, of message dissemination. We design with the ends in mind, whether those be USPS requirements for postage discounts, or shipping requirements for shipping acceptance at union shop trade show locations. We also have programs for professional email and web distribution methods.