The Coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to respond to keep our employees, customers, and people we care about, safe.

Document Depot offers products and services that can help you communicate your response to your employees and customers.  

All products herein are customizable to your situation. Graphics, sizes, finishes and options will make your purchase unique.  

Contact us and we can help you keep your people safe!


Sanitization Station

  • Freestanding unit with hands-free sanitizer dispenser and custom sign.

  • Adjustable height for sign and dispenser.  

  • Can come as kit or assembled with custom sign installed.

We carry hand sanitizer from Sourland Distilleries in Montgomery. Available in 1-gallon jugs!

Plastic Partitions

We offer plastic partitions to minimize viral transmission. These units can be free-standing or installed, full-sized, or placed on a countertop.




We'll provide you with the signage you need to inform people about your pandemic response and the policies and procedures you have in place to keep people healthy.


  • Banner Stands and Displays

  • Window Graphics

  • A-Frames and Outdoor Displays

  • Indoor Signage

  • Floor Graphics

Postcards, handouts, etc.


We're in the business of providing high-quality, affordable printing with fast turnaround—a service you can use to keep people apprised of your pandemic-related strategies.


  • Postcards of all sizes

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Door hangers

  • Handouts and leave-behinds of all kinds


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