Document Scanning Services

Discover seamless document scanning solutions that transform paper documents into easily accessible digital files, enhancing efficiency, security, and organization for your business

Servicing local Businesses for over 25 years

Scanning is useful in a variety of applications.

Archive a store room of banker’s boxes.
Duplicate your child’s drawing for family members. 
Create field sets of architectural drawings. 

Document Depot is experienced in document scanning and cataloging.  
High speed scanning is the perfect solution for archiving manuals and reports.
Legal and financial documents are given confidentiality and careful treatment for accuracy.

Document Depot scans blueprints from 36” to 180” at 400 dpi.
We will create digital files for your records or reproductions for the field.

Document Depot will make a high-resolution digital file of your original artwork on paper.  Then
we can reproduce your masterpiece in any size from a place card to a poster.

So many types of scanning:

  • High speed scanning of 150 sheets per minute
  • Blueprints
  • Legal Scanning Services
  • Artwork
  • Convert documents to digital files.
  • Scan to save digitally or scan to create a quality reproduction.

Contact Document Depot about your specific scanning needs.  We will provide accurate, timely
scanning and the digital files or output that you desire.

    Reasons to scan your documents

    • Improved Accessibility: Scanned documents can be easily accessed and shared across multiple devices and locations, ensuring quick retrieval and collaboration.

    • Enhanced Security: Digital files can be encrypted and protected with passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches compared to physical documents.

    • Space Savings: Scanning reduces the need for physical storage, freeing up valuable office space and eliminating the clutter of paper files.

    • Cost Efficiency: By reducing the need for physical storage, printing, and copying, businesses can save on operational costs and invest in other critical areas.

    • Environmental Sustainability: Going digital minimizes the use of paper, contributing to environmental conservation and promoting sustainable business practices.

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