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Interactive websites for the service industry. Add online booking and interactive tools to transact with your existing customers and new clients

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If you’re in the service industry, these days your clients expect to be able to interact with you online, in the same way they buy a cinema ticket or book an airline seat.

Document Depot’s booking websites offer the online elements to your site to connect your business to your clients. Whether it’s online bookings, reservations or making appointments, we make it easy for you and easier for your customers.

No hassle admin
If you’re using a paper-based system, then you’ll love the intuitive back-office which is part of every interactive site. This gives you an online application to manage, edit and cancel appointments and bookings.

System integration
Got an existing booking or reservation system you use for telephone or walk-ins? Talk to us about integrating it with your website for full online booking capability.

Online booking
Integrated with your telephone booking system

Show availability so customers can book online

Online bookings and reservations synced with your offline system

Ask for feedback and publish reviews

Ideas for booking websites

  • User-Friendly Booking Platform:
    Create a streamlined and user-friendly booking platform that allows visitors to easily navigate and book services. Implement an intuitive interface with clear calls-to-action, simple forms, and a responsive design for seamless bookings on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Real-Time Availability and Updates:
    Integrate a real-time availability feature to provide users with up-to-date information on service availability. This ensures that customers can instantly see open time slots, reducing the likelihood of double bookings and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • Customizable Booking Forms:
    Offer customizable booking forms that allow businesses to gather specific information from customers based on the nature of the service. Include options for additional requests or special requirements, providing a personalized experience for each customer and enabling service providers to better prepare for appointments.
  • Automated Reminders and Confirmations:
    Implement automated email or SMS reminders and confirmations to reduce no-shows and keep customers informed. Providing timely reminders enhances the customer experience, increases reliability, and allows businesses to optimize their schedules more effectively.
  • Multi-Service Integration:
    If applicable, integrate a multi-service booking system that allows customers to book multiple services in one transaction. This is particularly useful for businesses offering various services or packages, simplifying the booking process and encouraging customers to explore and book more services.

Remember, the success of a bookings website depends not only on its functionality but also on a seamless and positive user experience. Regularly gather feedback from users and businesses to make continuous improvements and ensure the platform meets the evolving needs of both customers and service providers.

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