Plastic Signs

Plastic projects and protects. It is a premium solution for coneying messages with lasting impact.

Servicing local Businesses for over 25 years

Durable, Lightweight and Weatherproof, plastic signs are what the doctor ordered.

Really, for his parking lot the Doctor ordered A-Frames.

We offer 4 different plastic substrates for your different needs:

  1. Currogated plastic – Lightweight, flexible and easy to work with. Great for lawn signs, temporary outdoor signage, A-Frame inserts and temporary signage.
  2. Ultraboard – A plastic casing with polystyrene foam inside is lightweight, stiff, strong and waterproof. It is great for longer-term display indoors or outdoors. An upgrade to foam core, it can be placed on an easel or affixed to a wall with removable adhesive and stay up for months or years.
  3. PVC – Strong, light and rigid, PVC is a great long-term display solution. Prints on PVC can be used for permanent indoor signage and can easily be affixed with permanent adhesives or even screws or nails. Also great for outdoor signage that lasts for years.
  4. Polystyrene – Thin plastic sheets that make great inserts for swappable displays, like menu boxes or outdoor front-lit signage.

Call us and we will recommend the best solution for your signage needs.

    Products Available

    • Common products include:
    • Lawn Signs
    • A Frames
    • Event Signage
    • Wayfaring (directional) signage
    • Parking Lot Signage
    • Menu Boards
    • Retail Signage
    • Event Signage
    • Display Boards

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