Fabric Display Stands

Transform your space with our vibrant and customizable fabric displays – a dynamic blend of form and function that effortlessly captures attention, turning any backdrop into an immersive visual experience that leaves a lasting impression.

We’re specialists in Fabric Display Stand printing

Make a bold statement at every event with our dynamic fabric display stands and backdrops.

From eye-catching designs to seamless branding, discover the perfect blend of style and functionality to showcase your brand in the spotlight

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our premium fabric display stands and backdrops. Elevate your brand presence at events, trade shows, and exhibitions with our innovative and customizable solutions.

Our fabric display stands are meticulously designed to showcase your products and messaging in a visually stunning manner, while our backdrops create a seamless backdrop that enhances your brand’s identity.

From vibrant colors to sleek designs, our fabric display stands and backdrops are tailored to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Explore our diverse range of options and make a powerful statement with our top-notch fabric display solutions, ensuring your brand stands out in any setting.

Economy Bannerstands

Our Economy (cube) bannerstands are simple bases which come in 2 sizes, 24 x 80 and 33.5 x 80. Their design is intended for 1 graphic and short term indoor usage.

  • 24” x 80”, short term usage, 4 day turnaround- $149
  • 33.5 x 80”, short term usage, 4 day turnaround $179

Standard Bannerstands

Our Standard bannerstands are fairly sturdy bannerstands, good for up to 6 months of usage. We can do 1 graphic switch on these.

We maintain an inventory of these stands at Document Depot so same day turnaround is available when you order before 12 noon on a business day.

  • 24” x 82”, 6-9 month, usage, 1 day turnaround – $199
  • 33.5 x 82”,6-9 month, usage 4 day turnaround – $209
  • 36 x 82”, 6-9 month usage, 1 day turnaround – $229
  • 48 x 82”, 6-9 month usage, 5 day turnaround – $349

Deluxe Bannerstands

These are sturdy bannerstands meant for travel and frequent usage. We can and do change out graphics for these stands. These stands are guaranteed to last 12 months.

They include telescoping poles for adjustable height

Sizes available

  • 24 x 86-92” 1 to 2 year usage 5 day turnaround $329
  • 36 x 86-92” 1 to 2 year usage 5 day turnaround $329
  • 36 x 86-92” 1 to 2 year usage 5 day turnaround $329

Magnetic Cartridge System

These stands have a few advantages over the others.

  • Cartridges are interchangeable and can be replaced easily
  • Tension in cartridges are adjustable
  • The height of a graphic is adjustable
  • They are modular, light and easy to transport
  • They are standard 33.5” width, but the height is adjustable from 33.5 x 36 to 33.5 x 96”
  • Pricing from $355 to $425
  • Production is 3 to 5 business days

Double Sided Bannerstands

1 stand – 2 graphics Get your message to your prospects regardless of which direction they are coming from!

  • Double sided Bannerstands are available for the Deluxe and Magnetic options.

We also have a special double sided bannerstand designed to be displayed outdoors.

Bannerstand Material Options

  • Standard matte polypropylene
  • Gloss Vinyl
  • Polyesther Fabric with the look and feel of cloth

Ideas for Fabric Displays

    • Trade Show Exhibits: Fabric display stands and backdrops are ideal for trade show exhibits. Businesses can use them to create visually appealing and professional booths that showcase their products and services. The fabric backdrop can feature the company logo, tagline, and key visuals, serving as an eye-catching focal point to attract visitors and potential clients.

    • Event Branding: These fabric displays can be utilized for branding at various events such as conferences, seminars, and product launches. Placing them strategically within the event space can help enhance brand visibility and create a cohesive brand image. Customized graphics and messaging on the fabric backdrop can effectively convey the event’s theme or key messages.

    • Retail Store Displays: Retailers can use fabric display stands to create attractive and dynamic in-store displays. These backdrops can highlight featured products, promotions, or seasonal campaigns. The versatility of fabric allows for easy changes in graphics, ensuring that the displays remain fresh and relevant to the evolving needs of the retail environment.

    • Backdrop for Photo Booths: Fabric displays can serve as stylish backdrops for photo booths at events like weddings, parties, or corporate gatherings. The customizable nature of fabric backdrops allows hosts to match the theme of the event, providing a visually appealing background for photos. This not only adds a touch of professionalism but also serves as a fun and memorable element for attendees.

    • Office Interiors and Lobbies: Fabric backdrops can be integrated into office interiors and lobbies to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the workspace. Companies can use them to communicate their values, mission, or showcase achievements. Additionally, fabric displays can be strategically placed in common areas to create a more visually engaging and inspiring work environment for employees and visitors alike.

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