What are your file requirements?

We prefer PDF files. Please include all fonts and graphics.  Graphics should be saved at 300dpi. Poster files should be at least 50% of desired image size at 300 dpi.  Please include 1/8” (.125”) bleeds and cut lines are not necessary but can be helpful.  Artwork should extend beyond cut lines.

Those of you who experienced graphic designers will understand all of those terms.

For those of you who are not, here are some definitions/explanations


We prefer PDF files

PDF (Portable Document Format) were designed to be complete files which can be read on any device that contains a pdf reader (such as Adobe Acrobat) regardless of the devices operating system or installed fonts or from whatever source software you are using to create the file.

Files other than PDF files may result in additional charges for file conversion or manipulation.  Please also note that PDF files which contain unflattened images, or are missing fonts or low resolution images, may result in lower print quality or additional charges.

PDF files can be created from most major typesetting software, like Microsoft word and other office products, Adobe Indesign or other Adobe Suite products, Google Docs or other Google Suite Software, or online layout programs like Canva.  Simply save your file as a *.pdf filetype (some programs require you to “export” or “download as”).


Do we take other filetypes?

Yes.  We accept All Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Doc, Files.   We also accept *.jpeg, *.png, *,gif, *.cdw, *.wmf and most other filetypes.  However, be aware that certain filetypes, especially PNG and GIF files can contain coding that interfere with good quality printing.  Also, submitting filetypes other than PDF may result in additional charges for file manipulation.

Submitting file types other than PDF may result in additional charges for file manipulation.

Fonts and graphics included?

Most software includes all fonts and images as a default setting when you create a pdf file.  Some software allow you to create files for either print or for the web.  Please always choose pdf settings for print.  The result will be higher resolution images and better color consistency and sharper text.

What DPI should I save the file?

Images meant for screens or the web are sized at 72 dpi to minimize file size.  Print documents require higher resolution images or the print quality will be noticeably reduced.  If you can produce higher resolution images, they are welcomed but know that your files will be dramatically larger.

What is the best way to submit Poster Files?

Poster files are best produced with vector files for fonts and graphics, and high resolution images for picture.  Most posters are not meant to be looked at closely, so you don’t need to be 100% size, but 50% is a good standard.

If you have questions about preparing images or files for posters, give us a call.

What is a bleed?

In order to print a design with color going to the edge of the page, you need to print beyond the edge of the page on a larger sheet.  The print is then cut back to yield printing to the edge.  The area that is cut away is referred to as the bleed.

Different software allows for different ways to create bleed areas, but we suggest the following:

Add .25” to your file design size.  For example – a business card is normally 2” x 3.5”.  We like to make the document size 2.25” x 3.75” and the outer .125” is cut away.

Remember to keep fonts and graphics that are important away from the print edge.  This is referred to as the “inside margin”.

Here is an example:

Do you have templates?

Yes. Please request templates by sending an email to orders@documentdepot.net.

How to order:

Send your order in an email to orders@documentdepot.net .  We accept attachments of up to 20mb.

If you have larger files, go to our upload page and follow the directions.

You can also call us at 609-520-0094

How to get an estimate:

Please follow same procedure as “how to order”.

How much time do you need to produce my order?

Many products can be produced same or next day.  That said, we request 48 hours on most print products.  Larger size products or quantities my result in longer turnaround times.

Do you have standard pricing?

While we try to maintain standard pricing, most products have some elements that are custom or require unique procedures.  Also, the price of paper and ink is always changing.  We recommend that you discuss your project with us.  We offer solutions that are tailored to your need and your budget.


We accept all major credit cards, corporate checks, personal checks and we do offer credit terms for corporate customers, however in most cases we require a credit card remain on file with us.