Large prints require some way to maintain their shape in order to display correctly.   Mounting is the act of putting your print onto a rigid board.  We offer a good selection of rigid display materials to choose from.  

Foamcore – paper encasing foam.  This is good for lightweight, short term displays.

Ultraboard – Plastic encasing foam.  More rigid and strong than foamcore, Longer lasting and stronger too.

Currogated Plastic – Used for lawn signs.  Light, strong, and easily cut to shapes

Polythylene – Flexible, can be rolled, but is weatherproof and long lasting.  Good for temporary outdoor signage

PVC – Strong, light material for medium term outdoor or indoor signage

Maximetal – Aliminum encasing foam – strong, light, good for long term indoor or outdoor signage

Aluminum – Aluminum is great for long term outdoor display.  Think STOP signs!

We will offer the right solution for your project.